Reduce Stress – Ease Pain – Burn Fat – Improve Overall Health

A quantum shift in technology is happening through sonic whole body vertical vibration resulting in the TurboSonic Exercise System.  Just standing on the TurboSonic unit for only ten minutes a day can improve your fitness; health, strength, endurance, muscle tone, flexibility, stability, and mental outlook just as traditional exercise does but without the constraints of conventional exercise.  Tendons and ligaments are better toned, cellulite disperses along with reports of weight loss and facial toning.

Sonic vibrations trigger a neural reflexive response, or full body muscle contraction, for each vibration.  These muscle contractions stimulate a dramatic increase in critical blood flow to joints and their connective tissues throughout the body.  The result is reduced muscle-, tendon-, and joint-related pain with an increase in bone/muscle mass, strength, and flexibility, which benefits everyone of all ages from professional athletes to the disabled.

Patient on TurboSonicJust as with conventional exercise, TurboSonic exercise improves conditioning and fitness benefits in a fraction of the time of conventional exercise!

  • Accelerate the body’s natural healing response
  • Increase cellular oxygen circulation
  • Enhance cellular nutrient uptake
  • Stimulate cellular fluid movement
  • Facilitate cellular waste removal
  • If you can stand or sit for 10 minutes, you can use TurboSonic!

TurboSonic exercise helps reduces:

  • Pain & Stiffness
  • Stress and Corticol
  • Fat and Cellulite
  • Fluid Retention
  • Fatigue

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