A Simple Method to Decompress

How many times have you gone to your medical doctor and been told…”In order to get better, you’re going to have to find a way to reset your nervous system so that it recoups from the stress of regular life.” Most likely…never!

At most, doctors will say, “Of course stress affects your health”, as they write you a prescription for a drug.

Now contrast that to a good chiropractor or other alternative health care practitioner, and you probably have been asked that question and given more natural treatments, like a great adjustment, and other recommendations to assist you with that.

But what else can YOU do?

Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the world’s leading Functional Medicine Doctors and 10 times New York Times Best-Selling Author, has a different opinion that is more in alignment with how I approach the human body and help it restore health and healing.

As he says, “There are three things that are critical for healing: it’s what you eat, moving your body, and learning how to reset your nervous system.”

And what does he recommend for resetting your nervous system…? He recommends “Tapping”, and says that “Tapping is one of the most directed and powerful ways to peel those layers away of chronic stress.  It’s very effective for very difficult problems.”

If you want to learn about how you can overcome illness, create long-term, lasting health, or just get over regular stress and feel better, then I highly recommend you consider “Tapping”, also called EFT. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique was discovered well over a decade ago, and there is lots of data about it available on the web. I suggest this link for a good short explanation of Tapping and how to do it: