Boost Your Immune System Naturally


  • Drink good, quality bottled water (not coffee, soda, etc.).

A good rule-of-thumb to determine how much you need to drink per day is 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  For example, if I weigh 120 lbs., I would need to drink 60oz. per day. A standard glass is 8oz., therefore I need 7 ½ glasses per day.

  • Take a quality multivitamin, such as Multigenics from Metagenics.
  • Take antioxidants, if not already part of your multivitamin: vitamin C (3000 mg.), selenium (200 mcg.), beta carotene (10,000 IU), zinc (15 mg.), vitamin E (400 IU), vitamin D (1000 IU).
  • Take a probiotic, preferably in powder form, such as Metagenics’ Ultra Flora. Start with 1/4 t. daily; if you experience upset stomach or diarrhea, cut back to 1/8 t. daily. Remember to refrigerate your probiotics!



  • Use garlic as frequently as possible (i.e., in soups, salads, pasta, etc.).  Raw, fresh garlic is the most beneficial.


  • If you suffer from low blood sugar and/or sugar cravings, consider taking 200 mcg. chromium picolinate.
  • Try Metagenics’ Apatite with Magnesium in 2:1 ratio (2 cal/1 mag) or any AAA Calcium.


-Take 700 mg. calcium citrate or calcium hydroxyl.

-If post menopausal, take 1000 mg. calcium.


-Take 700 mg. calcium.


If you feel an illness starting:

In addition to the above routine, add:

  • Echinacea tincture (in stock at our office)
  • Coldcalm, if symptoms are definitely those of a cold
  • Increase consumption of raw garlic, if possible (or else add to soup, etc.)
  • Eliminate citrus, such as oranges/orange juice
  • Eliminate sweets, including fruit juice, except for 2 whole fruits per day
  • Eliminate dairy products
  • Increase vitamin C to 1,000 mg. every 3 hours (if stomach can tolerate) until you are completely well
  • Appropriate homeopathic remedy (call our office)