Clearing Your Sinuses with a NetiPot

This holiday season, don’t let a flu, cold, or even allergies bring you down! A safe, gentle, effective, and all-natural way to immediately relieve your sinus symptoms is the NetiPot.

View this short clip of Dr. Oz talking about sinus rinsing on Oprah. Start at 0:08.

What is a NetiPot?

Neti Pots2Neti Pots1 A neti pot is a container designed to rinse your nasal cavity, and is typically used to treat nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds.  Many people believe that regular use of a neti pot is more effective for nasal allergy and sinus symptoms than are over-the-counter medications.  With regular use, people see a reduction in the number and frequency of colds, flus, and allergy symptoms.

New to hearing of a neti pot? Well, rinsing with saline solution is a time-honored practice in the Orient. Here in the West, the nasal wash has been used for decades as a means of treating sinus problems, colds, allergies, and post-nasal drip and to counteract the effect of environmental pollution. Those practicing yoga and other meditative disciplines use the nasal wash to ensure free air flow through both nostrils.

Check out this YouTube video to watch a man using a neti pot.

How Does It Work?

Nasal IrrigationWhen breathing through your nose, incoming air is filtered and conditioned. The nasal passages are lined with a thin layer of mucus that is one of our body’s first lines of defense against disease.  It traps dirt, dust, and pollen, which then moves steadily to the rear of the nasal cavity and settles in the throat where it is swallowed. Saline nasal rinses carry some of these impurities out of the body before they reach your stomach.

Nasal rinsing also keeps this protective layer of mucus functioning properly. If the mucus becomes too thick and dry, or too thin and runny, it is easier for bacteria and viruses to penetrate the nasal lining and cause swelling and excess discharge of mucus (i.e., a “cold”). That’s why gargling or sniffing a little salt water at the first sign of a cold is a staple of folk medicine and why health-conscious people in India use a small pot of saline to rinse the nasal passages. Even Dr. Oz has shown support for sinus rinsing.

Suggested Use

  • Do the nasal wash to wake up, clear your nostrils, and start the day breathing freely.
  • Use it to remove excess mucus when you are experiencing nasal congestion.
  • Do it several times a day during the allergy season to rid the nostrils of pollen and other allergens.
  • Use the nasal wash when you’ve been exposed to soot, dust, smoke, or other airborne contaminants.
  • Use it to dissolve mucus build-up in dry climates or in air-conditioned or heated rooms or after air travel. Do the nasal wash before practicing systematic relaxation techniques or meditation to help you breathe freely and easily through your nose.
  • Remember, the nasal wash is not a substitute for medical treatment.
  • Anyone with chronic inflammation of the nasal passages or other ear, nose, or throat disorders should seek medical attention.

Instructions for Using a Neti Pot

  1. Neti Pot UseFill pot with warm, not hot, water.  It is recommended to use bottled water that has been sterilized or distilled.  Tap water is acceptable if it’s been passed through a filter or if it’s been boiled for several minutes and then left to cool.
  2. Mix in 1/4 teaspoon of finely grounded sea salt in the warm sterile water.
  3. Optional: mix in 1 drop of grapefruit seed extract, or 4 drops of Echinacea tincture.
  4. Take a sip of the solution and gargle with it. Also, thoroughly swish it around you teeth and spit out.
  5. Lean forward over a sink and turn your head to one side, keeping the forehead at the same height as the chin, or slightly higher.
  6. Gently insert the spout into one nostril so it forms a comfortable seal.
  7. Raise the neti pot gradually so the saline solution flows in through your upper nostril and out of your other nostril.  Breathe through your mouth.
  8. When the pot is ½ empty, slowly lower pot and take out of nostril. Face the sink and blow out remaining fluids vigorously without pinching the nostrils.
  9. Repeat on the other side. Again, blow out vigorously to clear the nasal passages.

Be sure to rinse the irrigation device after each use with similarly distilled, sterile, previously boiled and cooled, or filtered water and leave open to air dry.

If you experience any discomfort please discontinue using your neti pot and consult your doctor or other health care provider.

Check out this YouTube video for a step-by-step on how to use a NetiPot

Where Can I Get It?

Neti pots are often available in pharmacies and health food stores, and you can find an even wider selection online.