DIY Recyclable Lumbar Support

DIY Lumbar Back Support

Not sure what to do with all those extra plastic bags? How about you make your own lumbar support pillow! It’s easy, environmentally friendly, and can save your back.



Materials: You will ONLY need plastic bags!!

DIY LBS Materials1) Several dozen plastic bags, no size requirement

2) One sturdy plastic bag, preferably 11”x17”

(Optional: small pillowcase)



DIY LBS Take the ends of bag to tie knotDIY LBS Tie a knot

Step 1:

Tie the two ends of a plastic bag into a knot.


DIY LBS Loose knot

Continue to tie knots in the plastic bag 2-3xs until its a small, somewhat compressible ball. The knots do not have to be excessively tight but should hold




DIY LBS Fill bag with knots

Step 2:

Put the plastic knot into the sturdy bag.




DIY LBS Fill bag until full

Step 3:

Repeat step 1 and 2 for each plastic bag until the sturdy bag is plump and full with knots.





DIY LBS Tie the end knot

Step 4:

Roll the opening of the sturdy bag downward and tie the two ends twice, which will secure the plastic knots in the bag.






Step 5 (Optional):

Poke 1-2 holes into the bag  so that the air will slowly leave when you lean against it. (You want it to conform to your spine, but still hold its shape.)

Step 6 (Optional):

Drop the filled and tied plastic bag into a pillowcase.  If it’s a larger pillow case, roll the rest of the hanging pillowcase around tightly.


How to Use

While seated in a chair, place the completed lumbar support between the small cavity of your back (i.e., from the bottom of your rib cage to your buttocks) and the back of the chair.  Move your buttocks backward until the support is wedged finely against the chair.