Peninsula Special Interest Lion’s Club

Dr Oz and Dr. CherokSince 2012, when I joined Peninsula Special Interest Lion’s Club, we have been working with Dr. Mehmet Oz on a pilot project to change the health of the nation. With one third of the children in our country under the age of 18 obese, and another one third suffering from diabetes, we absolutely have to change the lifestyle habits of not only the children, but also their parents.

Dr. Oz has designed a brilliant program, administered through his “HealthCorps” organization which does free health screenings in the community. It also is working to teach college students healthier eating and exercise habits and then have the college students teach the high school, middle school, and grade school students (because kids can more readily relate to kids, rather than adults).PSILC Health Fair

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Our next free community health clinic is scheduled for Oct. 30th at College of San Mateo. Hope to see you there!