Lymphatic Drainage

Something Simple to Give Your Immune System A Boost

Here’s the link. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s pretty quick, just a few minutes, to do a daily drainage routine.
If you feel under the weather, I suggest two times per day, morning and evening.
Otherwise once per day is sufficient.

Many people don’t realize that regular Chiropractic care also makes a significant difference in the functioning of the nervous system.

This is because, either directly or indirectly, every cell in our bodies is supplied via the nervous system.
The Autonomic Nervous System supplies all our organs, including the liver and spleen, which are the bulwark of our immune system.

Pressure on the spinal nerves which supply these organs can cause organ malfunction or impaired function.

Therefore, periodic adjustments keep the spine and nervous system balanced and functioning optimally.

This has been demonstrated in studies which measure the effect of Chiropractic adjustments on blood pressure and heart function. Here are two examples, one from the University of Chicago and another from Science Direct: Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

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